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Creating art using fresh, handpicked flowers.

Julius and Carol Flower Shop in Downtown Sampaloc, Manila has been providing flower arrangement services for several years. Every day, we see what flowers mean to your loved ones. We understand how something so seemingly simple brings such a thrill to those who receive it. With this in mind, we commit ourselves to create works of art using the freshest flowers available

Our dedicated staff takes into consideration every client’s preferences and needs. We pay close attention to every detail of our works. This is to provide every client the satisfaction in seeing the emotion, care, celebrations, and memories that are represented by the flower arrangements we make. We guarantee to responsibly handle each project assigned to us.

At Julius and Carol Flower Shop, we are inspired by the emotions of our business. We are passionate about style and color. We are dedicated to provide clients the best possible service toguarantee your 100% satisfaction.

Julius and Carol Flower Shop

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